Solutions for developers and landowners

Vision, intelligence and responsibility are the basis of a sustainable social development. These characteristics are in demand for our project every day, for from the very beginning until the actual production of clean electricity from wind energy, a great deal of time elapses on one hand – and on the other hand, our experts especially have to answer many questions today in order to have the appropriate solution for a sustainable energy supply ready tomorrow.

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How do we store wind energy, how do we integrate the wind turbines into our existing energy system and where are suitable areas for a sustainable and economic energy supply? We are working on the solutions with extreme focus and awareness.

Planning successfully in a citizen-oriented manner

We gain energy from wind and undertake everything that is necessary for this. This always begins with the best possible planning of wind energy projects. This planning process is a time-consuming matter where the many years of experience with all the parties involved helps us a lot. When planning new plants, we always approach all the parties involved as we want to ensure safe work and affordable sustainable energy together with them.

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