Solutions for operators of wind turbines

To turn good ideas and propositions into reality, we have many hardworking and smart individuals who approach challenges with a wealth of experience and build the future. Our specialised experts establish wind turbines, complete electricity grids and transformer substations or ground-breaking new technological developments.

competent and service-oriented

We cover everything that is necessary, from construction planning to commissioning. We are monitoring the ongoing operation of our plants or also of plants belonging to third parties with the most modern systems round the clock. That prevents expensive downtimes or keeps them as brief as possible, if necessary.

Operating safely and profitably

Power plant management requires technical management at the highest level: From the European control room, we always keep an eye on each individual wind turbine, each transformer substation and our own network. The engineers know everything to provide optimum support to the plants and to prevent downtimes. Plant operators immediately react to events that are reported by the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) of the wind turbine and the ENERTRAG PowerSystem, carry out remote maintenance and manage service calls.

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Maintaining reliably and promptly

With app. 130 employees throughout Europe, we monitor and ensure the trouble-free operation of approximately 520 wind turbines. We offer a comprehensive service and carry out the maintenance, inspection, preventive maintenance, repairs as well as the exchange of large components.

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