ENERTRAG employer portrait

For us, the daily work becomes more than just a job, as the sense of responsibility and commitment is combined with a high degree of autonomy and team spirit. Those who commit themselves and show dedication, can record success for themselves and for the company and in addition gain a secure workplace for themselves with performance-based wages. 
Individual training and further development arising from the own initiative of the employees is supported and demanded. By involving the employees in tasks and projects, a positive work atmosphere and strong identification with the company is supported. Our structures as medium-sized company are defined clearly and without barriers.


With  1293 megawatts on the grid, we do not only generate 4,45 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year in various regions of Europe, but have also recognised the social responsibility for the agricultural Uckermark region. Thus we do not only support social and rural institutions, but also train young people in future-oriented professions, thereby giving the next generation a future perspective.

But our name is not only well-known in the Uckermark. True to the motto “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL”, there are also further branches in France or Poland.

Our enormous growth over the past few years, from the Uckermark to 3 European states, from 7 to 680 employees, shows how much performance lies in our company. For this performance, we need a lot of energy. With his energy and work. each and every employee contributes to the performance of our company.

For this reason: More performance with your energy.