IT solution for power facilities: PowerSystem

PowerSystem is a versatile hardware and software solution for renewables and has been in use since 1999. Today, 25 people are on hand to ensure it’s looked after around the clock and constantly updated. At the moment, renewable energy facilities of over 6.5 gigawatts are integrated into the system.

PowerSystem is becoming ever more sophisticated based on experienced gained, new legislation and market conditions. The system offers clear and transparent reports with key data on the facilities and analyses of yield. Furthermore, various options for controlling the power facilities covered by the German Renewable Energy Sources Act are offered – from installing remote-monitoring technology to implementing control signals by the minute.

Remote control capability is particularly interesting for direct marketers. In this case, PowerSystem can provide technical implementation and reliable control of the energy facility to the minute. The Remote Monitoring, Feed-in Billing and Curtailment Refund software modules make operational managers’ day-to-day jobs easier and have been developed by people with decades of practical experience.

PowerSystem for operators

Practical support for technical operations management


PowerSystem for operational managers

All power data and key performance indicators at a glance


PowerSystem for asset managers

ENERTRAG’s PowerInterface provides the technical link to the energy facilities.

PowerSystem for direct marketers

Efficient regulation of active and reactive power

PowerSystem for transformer station operators

Monitoring of the live data in terms of plausibility, availability and punctuality