ENERTRAG solutions guarantee that the actual feed-in is retrieved and the feed-in power of the wind turbine can be remote reduced in line with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act’s 2012 and 2014 Management Bonus Ordinance. ENERTRAG WindStrom provides and coordinates the connection of the data interfaces to the PowerSystem.


We use PowerInterfaces to do so:

  • PI 1: Online data retrieval from the wind turbine’s control unit
  • PI 2: Wind turbine control
  • PI 3: Combination of PI 1 and PI 2
  • PI 4: Remote meter reading via a configurable push modem
  • PI 5: Access to power control in the transformer station

If possible, remote control capability is carried out with data from the interfaces of the wind turbine’s control unit because the operational and condition data is also captured there. As a result, this can generate synergy to improve energy data management for commercial, operational and service managers.


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