PowerSystem for operators

Our control room monitors and assesses the online power data and condition of your energy facility by the minute. And it does so 24/7 – as if we were on site all the time. This means we can respond to any incidents straight away. Energy facilities can be quickly restarted using a remote reset function to maximise availability and minimise feed-in losses.

PowerSystem stands apart for its detailed monthly, quarterly or annual reports on all power data and key figures and therefore goes the extra mile in meeting the requirements of operators, investors and insurance companies.

Your benefits

  • A simple, non-proprietary solution
  • Available at any time and up to date at the touch of a button
  • Standardised content and layout regardless of the energy facility type or operational manager
  • Costs saved because data aggregation is no longer required
  • A white labelling option for company reports
  • Not dependent on operational managers’ data sources when the report is created

We’d be happy to give you a live demonstration of our IT solution.