PowerSystem for transformer station operators

Practical management of transformer station power

This PowerSystem module ensures that operators of energy facilities covered by the German Renewable Energy Sources Act and municipal enterprises can control the active and reactive power in the transformer station or substation as required by legislation and grid operators.

A user-friendly visualisation interface also allows operational managers to monitor the power and the control status of all energy facilities feeding into the grid at any time. The system automatically checks that target figures are achieved.

This allows seamless implementation of the grid operator’s specifications. The power is controlled precisely based on characteristic curves and feed-in management specifications. What’s more, the external capacitor banks are controlled via standardised protocols. The system supports effective transmission of available and fed-in power and control of reactive power (cos Φ) at the grid connection point.

Your benefits

  • Ideal control of energy facilities with different interfaces
  • A non-proprietary system that can be used at any grid connection system
  • Simple to use due to user-friendly interface
  • Data can be provided via an external interface
  • Remote control capability

Furthermore, all software updates, for example due to legislation or new requirements from grid operators, are included.

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