Commercial operations management

With ENERTRAG, renewable energy systems pay off across the board. 

Operating renewable energy plants profitably 

For operators of renewable energy plants, it is crucial that project investments pay off. ENERTRAG combines expertise ranging from liquidity planning to interest rate management and offers decades of experience. In addition to projects for private investors, foundations and institutional investors, we manage more than 100 wind, PV and biogas projects on a fully commercial basis.   

renewable energy projects under management
plants in Germany
renewable energy projects with a total of 100 plants in France
Biogas plants in Germany
plants in Poland


ENERTRAG realizes and supports projects all over the world - for example in France, Poland, South Africa, Uruguay and Vietnam. The ENERTRAG commercial management team is correspondingly international.   

Continued operation   

For decades, renewable energies in Germany were supported by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). Renewable energy operators were entitled to receive a feed-in tariff. In 2021, this regulation was stopped. As a result, renewable energy companies have been gradually losing their eligibility to receive a feed-in renumeration. This results in additional requirements, both technical and economic. ENERTRAG clarifies the requirements for the continued operation of plants even before the EEG feed-in remuneration is discontinued. Well structured, technically adept and economically viable. Renewable energy companies benefit from this competence, both in Germany and world-wide. 

If it becomes apparent that a plant cannot continue to be operated profitably, ENERTRAG ensures that it is dismantled professionally. This includes obtaining offers, commissioning, coordinating, monitoring the dismantling and communicating with the authorities. 

Direct marketing / PPA 

Once the EEG remuneration expires, there will be no legally regulated minimum price for electricity fed into the grid. Electricity supply contracts in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) therefore already make sense today. However, PPA place higher demands on the profitability of projects and require an intensive risk/reward assessment. ENERTRAG monitors the market closely and takes care of optimal marketing - from electricity market analysis to cross-border coordination. 

Legal tasks

Reporting and notification obligations are increasing and becoming ever more complex. Legal requirements are changing and known facts need to be reassessed. Keeping an eye on this is a challenge for operators.  

ENERTRAG reliably monitors reporting and notification obligations, identifies opportunities for optimization and takes care of implementation. The team also helps to negotiate and conclude profitable contracts throughout the duration of the project. This way, ENERTRAG ensures that renewable energy plants remain profitable. 

Technology Expansion 

Whether new legal requirements for old technologies or the testing of new processes for the energy transition - ENERTRAG has the future of sustainable energy supply firmly in its sights. In addition to onshore wind energy and solar parks, ENERTRAG is responsible for the commercial management of biogas plants and green hydrogen projects.  



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