ENERTRAG commissions first wind turbine in Lower Saxony

The project, originally planned by GlobalWindPower, was taken over by ENERTRAG as part of the acquisition of the company. The realisation of this project was characterised by a long lead time and numerous hurdles. Despite demanding challenges and infrastructural difficulties, approval was finally obtained in December 2021 after a wait of almost 10 years. Another milestone was the approval of a special exit from the Seevetal-Ost motorway service area, which took an additional 2.5 years to make the heavy transport possible.

The large 4.2 MW plant in Ramelsloh is not only a technical, but also a symbolic showcase project for ENERTRAG. The area around the turbine is currently being designated as a further wind priority area, fuelling hopes that further turbines will be built. This emphasises the importance of Ramelsloh as a strategic location for the future development of renewable energies in the region south of Hamburg.

The project team, Team Niedersachsen, as well as representatives of the municipality, local residents and companies involved in the construction came together for the official inauguration of the plant on 31 May 2024. "With the commissioning of the plant in Ramelsloh, we are delighted to be setting a strong exclamation mark for our development activities in Lower Saxony. Our pipeline has been strengthened and we will continue to provide strong impetus for the energy transition from Lower Saxony in the coming years.