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Wind power


Wind turbines utilize the power of the wind to drive rotating rotor blades. The mechanical energy generated in this way is converted into electrical energy. Electricity can be generated from wind energy day and night. 


The hybridization of wind energy and PV systems has advantages: Wind and sun complement each other perfectly. They only very rarely generate a high output at the same time. Due to the spatial expansion of the ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk® and the large number of systems, the feed-in to the public grid is many times more stable than with individual systems or individual wind fields. 

A positive side effect is that the public grid is significantly better utilized, as the fluctuations in generation do not reach the grid in the first place. 

« Nous produisons de l'énergie renouvelable de manière durable, afin que la Terre reste vivable. C'est notre mission. Sur cette voie, nous voulons remplacer complètement les combustibles fossiles d'ici 2040 ».

Jörg Müller

Fondateur et président du conseil de surveillance d'ENERTRAG SE



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