Solutions for municipalities, citizens and public utilities

We work on individual solutions that strengthen wind energy and the renewable energies sector in general for their challenges as energy sources of the future. This includes technological innovations such as the first hybrid power plant that converts wind electricity into hydrogen or the „airspex“ system with the help of which we „switch off the light“ during the night in the case of wind turbines. In addition, we develop innovative measures for citizen participation, broader acceptance or the solution of project-specific problems.

shaping the future together

Especially for public utilities, we are available as partners during the challenges of a future decentralised, renewable energy supply and develop concrete projects with you in the field of sector linkages.

Trouble-free lighting

We supply and develop technical components with the focus on low-emission, acceptance-building and sustainable systems for day and night identification of aviation obstructions. In doing so, we supply all areas of the production chain from product development through to logistics from one source.

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Planning successfully in a citizen-oriented manner

The acceptance of our projects locally among municipalities, landowners, citizens and politics is very close to our hearts and has already been a significant part of our actions since the establishment of the company. We enter into dialogue with municipalities as early as possible to initiate joint planning, implement sensible compensatory measures on site and to enable citizen participation in the wind turbines in their municipality.

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Wind turbines on my doorstep? What is the benefit for me?

The prices for oil, gas and coals only know one way: upwards. The renewable energies are therefore the basis of the energy supply of the future. However, a needs-based supply of energy in the sectors electricity, heat and mobility also requires that these indigenous sources of energy are used and developed further. The most efficient and praiseworthy of these sources of energy is onshore wind energy. More and more people in the municipalities therefore stand up for the expansion of wind energy; the acceptance among the public is high and increases with the experiences which municipalities and inhabitants have with this form of energy production. We also want to play an active role in this regard in future.

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