Powersystem - Let the data speak

Your EEG generating facilities’ data has something to say. Powersystem gives it a voice. Let’s get started.

Powersystem is a professional software solution for renewables. It saves time and money during operation of wind and photovoltaic energy plants and helps to identify their opportunities and risks at an early stage. Already in use in operations management since 1999, it offers solutions for different requirements. It provides clear reports all the way to various options allowing up-to-the-minute control of generating facilities. What’s more, we keep track of developments and develop solutions to meet new regulatory requirements so that you’re on the safe side. A one-stop solution.


The advantages

  • Optimum operation and integration of renewable energy generating facilities
  • We aim to achieve better performance and more power in less time
  • Monthly improvements based on current market and statutory requirements
  • Agile and well-rated user support
  • Development experience since 1999
  • Automated monitoring of regulations, e.g. BImSchG (German Emission Control Act)
  • With ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security) certification – suitable for operating critical infrastructure as specified in KritisV (German Kritis ordinance)
  • Data is high quality thanks to our data stream control centre

Why not get in touch with us?

The data flow – the Powersystem software has already reliably connected 7 GW of renewable energy from generating facilities belonging to a whole range of operators and operational managers to the PowerSystem. Would you like to do the same for your generating facilities?



Our services

Are you an operator, operational manager, direct marketer, asset manager or transformer station operator? Then PowerSystem is perfect for you.

You pick the PowerSystem modules you need, whether you require technical operations management, billing options or remote monitoring. We liaise with you to develop solutions so that you can seamlessly integrate your German EEG generating facilities and your data speaks a clear language.

Technical operations management

Monitoring of energy generation facilities, analyses, reports, deadlines, document, components and much more. 


Running plausibility checks, issuing the monthly bills and reimbursements.

Remote control

The virtual power station for direct marketers and power traders. 

Flexi-type power control

Keep the power produced by your transformer station easily under control. 

Inspection app

Use our inspection app to save time with inspection reports and error management.

Portfolio analysis

Use the portfolio radar to keep an overview of your generating facilities and operational managers. 

What customers say about us

“The Powersystem technical operations management software has become vital to our control centre. Our staff like the high level of automation it allows and the productive working relationship they enjoy with the ENERTRAG team. The team is well qualified, quick to respond and happy to listen to what we want. What’s more, PowerSystem gives us the same level of service for our photovoltaic power stations too. And this is another bonus alongside our longstanding partnership with the company.”

Dr. Frank Dumeier,
WEB Windenergie AG


"We needed a platform where all the information about our energy plants could converge and be retrieved quickly when needed. We succeed in doing this excellently with the Powersystem. A concrete example: an environmental audit in which we were able to list our compliance with the BImSchG templates in detail. This visibly impressed the auditors."


Angelos Steinhaus, 
Stadtwerke Bielefeld


"Remote controllability is one of the most important factors for the reliable direct marketing of our wind portfolio and thus for the economic success of our EEG plants. For this reason, we have opted for the ENERTRAG Powersystem. It monitors the live data of around 1,250 megawatts for plausibility, availability and punctuality, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have relied on the high data quality we achieve with the Powersystem for years."

Peter Bolz, 
Stadtwerke München