We turn ideas into reliable products.

We develop and market innovative technologies and components that make a wind turbine even cleverer than it already is. In doing so, we do not only take care of the plant but also of the interests of residents, drivers passing by and persons flying over it and of the flora and fauna.


PowerSystem management software

The ENERTRAG PowerSystem is the professional hard- and software solution for renewable energies.

Windgas Hydrogen from wind energy

Wind gas – green hydrogen directly from the wind field

Dark Sky needs-based identification

supervises the airspace and activates the lighting if it is needed.

procandela® lighting technology

The lights of the procandela series are the new standard for the lighting of wind turbines.

Gridion® emergency power system

Quiet fuel cells take over the energy supply and und secure it in the longer term as soon as primary delivery systems are not available anymore.

Windwärmespeicher aus FroschperspektiveWindwärmespeicher aus Froschperspektive
Windwärmespeicher aus Froschperspektive

Wind-based Thermal Energy Storage

When the wind produces more electricity than the power grid can absorb, we still use it: for heating near our wind fields.