Dark Sky needs-based identification

Wind turbines must be identified as obstructions to aviation as soon as they exceed an overall height of 100 metres. In practice, this means that entire wind farms flash red at night to warn approaching pilots. This lighting has become one of the biggest acceptance problems during the realisation of wind energy projects as it can also be perceived as annoying on the ground.

What if the lighting would be switched on only if it is needed?

Switch off now! Switching off the red flash lights on the horizon has already been discussed for years. However, very little has happened since.

Dark Sky has developed a service concept that is based on the development experience of the past ten years as well as two years of operational experience of our pilot project in Langenhorn and applies to a large number of new projects that are currently being launched throughout Germany.

    Benefits for „wind millers“

    • More acceptance by the residents and communities
    • Supporting nature and landscape conservation
    • Higher yield due to greater hub heights
    • No operational responsibility for the airspace surveillance
    • No establishment of new companies
    • All agreements are laid down in a signal provision contract
    • Providers with real operational experience
    • Simple and transparent cost structure
    • Price adjustments when new plants are integrated
    • Enhanced image for wind energy projects

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