Hydrogen delivery
Hydrogen delivery
Hydrogen delivery

ENERTRAG provides support with green hydrogen logistics and transport

Hydrogen can be transported in cylinders, bundles, via a gas pipeline or by trailer. ENERTRAG delivers the right transport solution for any application.


A few project examples:

  • Since 2014, ENERTRAG has been feeding in one GWh of green hydrogen into Ontras’s natural gas network annually. It uses the existing infrastructure to bring green hydrogen to gas customers. As a result, ENERTRAG reduces dependence on natural gas imports, counteracts rising prices for fossil fuels and helps reduce the share of natural gas in the gas network.
  • Since 2017, we’ve also been delivering hydrogen in cylinders. Customers primarily use these to replace diesel-powered emergency generators with fuel cells.
  • Since 2021, we’ve also been operating a tanker and transport trailer to deliver large quantities of green hydrogen to customers.

How you benefit from partnering with ENERTRAG:

  • Green hydrogen directly in the trailer
  • Shipment from 300 kg possible
  • Lorry or car refuelling at 300 or 500 bar
  • Planning of your own filling station possible if you purchase 40 tonnes annually