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Green Hydrogen

Conversion into green hydrogen

A significant proportion of the surplus electricity is converted into green hydrogen at the ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk®. This is because the gas is easy to store and transport. An electrolyzer splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. The hydrogen flows mainly into the local hydrogen network. 

A portion is temporarily stored on site and is available to the electricity sector on the few days of the year when there is a dark doldrums. The hydrogen is then converted back into electricity in the connected hydrogen reconversion plant.  

Most of the fluctuations in generation are therefore already balanced out within the ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk® or absorbed by hydrogen and heat storage systems. In this way, the energy generated is utilized to its full extent. The plants do not have to be curtailed. When there is little wind and sun, the energy comes from the storage facilities. 

Good to know: ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk® only produces green hydrogen, as the electrolysis is fuelled by renewable energy. 

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ENERTRAG utilises electricity from wind and sun as well as green hydrogen to create modern renewable power plants that supply homes and whole regions.



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