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As an independent energy company, ENERTRAG stands for pioneering spirit, expertise and commitment.  

The ENERTRAG team consists of around 900 colleagues who are shaping the energy transition with passion and many years of experience in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. ENERTRAG is realizing successful projects in the gigawatt range in the fields of wind, solar and hydrogen.  

 In this way, ENERTRAG is pursuing a single goal: a world without fossil fuels. 

The ENERTRAG energy divisions

The energy supply of the future can only be secured sustainably if it comes from renewable sources. ENERTRAG is uncompromisingly committed to fossil-free energy from wind and sun as well as the production of green hydrogen. Few energy service providers in the world have mastered this combination as well as ENERTRAG.

"At ENERTRAG, we are convinced of the effectiveness of renewable energies in meeting the climate and energy challenges facing our societies. At the heart of these challenges are the security of supply of clean energy and the capacity for independent and competitive production, to ensure economic growth and employment."

Vincent Masureel

Managing Director ENERTRAG France

ENERTRAG France in figures

ENERTRAG is shaping the next phase of the energy transition.

Depuis sa première éolienne en 1992 en Allemagne en passant par la mise en service d’une centrale hybride hydrogène en 2011, ENERTRAG, avec sa puissance totale développée de 1 800 MW, est pionnier d’un système énergétique où les énergies renouvelables ont une place indéniable pour répondre aux enjeux de notre temps.

parks developed and commissioned
in operation
generated in 2023
capacity of all facilities built
years of experience in the field of renewable energies
employees in France


ENERTRAGS international team is driven by its enthusiasm for innovation, its courage to explore new territories and the strong values it believes in. Interested? Discover your career prospects, the corporate culture and benefits at ENERTRAG!


ENERTRAG Locations in France

Vincent Masureel 
Managing Director ENERTRAG France   

Establishment France 
9 mail Gay Lussac 
95000 Neuville-sur-Oise 
Tel. +33 1 30 30 60 09 

+ Branches : 
26 Rte d'Amiens 
80480 Dury 

10 Av. Maréchal Foch 
21000 Dijon 

26 route d'Amiens

+ ENERTRAG Service: Saint-Quentin
Pierre Frédéric Troubat
Operations and Maintenance Manager / ENERTRAG Service France 
Tel : +33 6 42 81 45 84 




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