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The electricity from wind and solar power plants is fed into the national transmission grid. 

Good to know: Separate grid connections for wind and PV are not required. A quarter to a third of a power unit is sufficient for the grid connection.  This is due to the complementary generation patterns of wind and solar, but above all to the fact that the integrated consumers (electrolyzers, heat generators) absorb the entire output above around a quarter to a third of the installed output. For example, a grid connection capacity of only 350 megawatts is sufficient for 1 gigawatt of wind power and 1 gigawatt of photovoltaics.   

Green hydrogen from electrolysis is transferred to the hydrogen grid. 

Heat from the wind heat storage and electrolysis flows into the local district heating network and supplies people in the region. 

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ENERTRAG utilises electricity from wind and sun as well as green hydrogen to create modern renewable power plants that supply homes and whole regions.



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