Networks / lines

Collection and feed-in of electricity

Grids and Infrastructure


The electricity from the ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk®’s many wind and photovoltaic systems is bundled into local collection centers and substations. The electricity is collected and fed into the transmission grid via a single large substation. 

The collection grids are pure power plant grids. They only connect the systems of the interconnected power plant with each other and are not public. This setup ensures lower grid costs and simplified control. Due to the large-scale and decentralized feed-in, the power plant grid remains very stable. 

Substations collect electricity from various generation plants and transmit it to the power plant grid. They also increase or decrease the voltage with the help of transformers. The hybridization of wind and solar energy has the advantage that the substations are optimally utilized.  

The transformer stations of the ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerk® are equipped with an in-house developed generation plant controller for power regulation. This ensures that the energy generated is fed into the grid in a grid-compliant manner and that surplus energy does not impair grid stability. The EZA controller enables efficient control of mixed parks and EEG systems and contributes to the stability of the electricity grid.  


ENERTRAG is shaping the next phase of the energy transition.



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