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ENERTRAG's financial products are not only an attractive investment, but also actively support the energy transition. 

For ENERTRAG, the energy transition means more than just producing renewable electricity. ENERTRAG's decision to build its own grids, to keep renewable energy plants in its own portfolio, to rely on green hydrogen in the integrated power plant and to focus on the right regions worldwide at an early stage shows that ENERTRAG is acting with foresight.  

This is also reflected in ENERTRAG's financial offers. The last few years in particular have shown how dynamically and rapidly markets change and how quickly prices multiply. For this reason, ENERTRAG has added a flexible component to the well-known classic corporate bond with all its advantages.

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The ENERTRAG corporate bond

Investing in corporate bonds with ENERTRAG Zins 2030 and ENERTRAG Zins 2033 means shaping the future. Invest responsibly and sustainably in the ENERTRAG bond for 2024 now and benefit directly from the wind specialist and hydrogen pioneer.  

"Private investors are a very important part of ENERTRAG's corporate history and future growth. With your investment decision today, you are generating far more than just annual interest income - together we are realising power plants."

Simon Hagedorn

Chief Financial Officer ENERTRAG SE, Managing Director ENERTRAG EnergieInvest GmbH


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Answers to frequently asked questions  

A bond (corporate bond) is a form of corporate financing alongside debt capital from banks and equity. In contrast to shares, fixed-interest bonds do not pay a profit-related distribution (dividend), but a fixed interest rate for the entire term. Due to the limited term and the repayment claim, bonds are not subject to price fluctuations at the end of the term. 

The bonds are not deposits and are not subject to any statutory deposit protection. The use of the proceeds of the notes is not subject to any government supervision. Repayment of the bonds and payment of interest depend on the solvency of the issuer. In the worst case, a total loss may occur. 

Bonds may also be transferred before they reach the end of their term, e.g. by gift, inheritance or sale. However, it should be noted that the Bonds are subject to limited tradability in the event of a sale, which means that the capital is tied up for the medium to long term and a sale during the term may not be possible or only possible at a low market price. 

The money is paid to the issuer for a fixed period at fixed interest rates. In the case of a bond, the capital is repaid on the first bank working day after maturity without the need for cancellation. The investor receives fixed interest annually for the entire period. 

Bonds can generally be purchased from € 3,000. Higher investment amounts must always be divisible by 1,000. The total issue volume is generally limited. 

Yes, after purchase the bonds are booked into a securities account to be nominated by the investor. This can be opened at almost all banks if a corresponding custody account does not already exist. 

ENERTRAG has the interest posted annually to the securities portfolio. The portfolio usually has a so-called reference or clearing account. The bank credits the interest to this account, unless otherwise agreed with the bank. 

ENERTRAG pays the interest to the custody account without any deductions. The bank takes into account any tax-free allowances (which are usually applied for via a so-called exemption order with the bank) or non-assessment certificates (these are also deposited with the bank). If these are utilised or not deposited, the bank will pay the taxes accordingly (withholding tax + solidarity surcharge + possibly church tax). The bank will provide the certificate. 

Recommend ENERTRAG financial products and receive 100 euros

Referrals are rewarded at ENERTRAG. If the person who was referred subscribes directly to an ENERTRAG investment, the referrer receives a one-off bonus of 100 euros. 



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