ENERTRAG Powersystem

Software for smart operation management of renewable energy systems - modular, clear, secure. 

Powersystem lets data speak for itself 

The Powersystem is the professional software solution for renewable energies. It saves time and money when operating PV and wind energy systems and helps to recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage. 

The software offers many different functions: from reports to options for controlling the systems to the minute. ENERTRAG also stays on the ball and is constantly developing solutions for new regulatory requirements. Everything from a single source.  

of development experience
of renewable plant capacity connected


  • Optimized operation and smart networking of renewable energy systems 
  • Better performance for more power in less time 
  • Monthly upgrades according to regulations  
  • Agile, highly rated user support 
  • Development experience since 1999 
  • Automated condition monitoring 
  • Certified quality and data security 
  • Suitable for critical infrastructures 
  • High data quality thanks to control of our data stream control center 

More accurate and efficient: How apps and drone-based inspection procedures are revolutionizing the wind industry.

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The team behind the Powersystem

ENERTRAG wants to make a difference 

ENERTRAG has been continuously developing the Powersystem for more than 25 years and releases a new software version every month. To achieve this, the ENERTRAG Powersystem team is in constant dialogue: with the ENERTRAG team worldwide, with customers and with the market.  

"I enjoy working in the Powersystem team because I can get involved in many topics here and support a meaningful goal. I love the fact that we are already developing things with a relatively small team that will only be imitated by large companies much later. What I appreciate most in my day-to-day work is the nice way of interacting with each other here in the team."

Dr. Stefan Kuntsche

ENERTRAG software developer

"Our customers tell us about possible hurdles and contribute good ideas. We then tackle the ideas that are most important to them. Understanding and clarifying the 1001 good ideas is a lot of fun for me!"

Dr. Felix Bübl

Head of Software Development ENERTRAG

"It's fun to work for a cause that will have a significant impact on our future, because climate change concerns us all. The more we fight for the success of renewables, the better for us and our children. I want to continue to inspire our customers and our future customers. Together with them, we are striving for long-term partnerships and projects. That is one of our success factors. I am very pleased to be part of it."

Ulrike Ließ

ENERTRAG Senior Sales Manager

Customer testimonials

"Remote controllability is one of the most important factors for the reliable direct marketing of our wind portfolio and thus for the economic success of our renewable energy plants. For this reason, we have decided in favour of the ENERTRAG Powersystem. It monitors the live data of around 1,250 megawatts for plausibility, availability and punctuality - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have been relying on the high data quality that we achieve with the power system for years."

Peter Bolz

Stadtwerke Munich

"We needed a platform on which all the information about our energy systems could be collated and accessed quickly when required. The Powersystem does this brilliantly. A concrete example: an environmental audit in which we were able to list compliance with the BImSchG templates in detail. The auditors were visibly impressed."

Angelos Steinhaus

Stadtwerke Bielefeld

"The Powersystem operations management software has become a central hub in our control centre. The employees particularly appreciate the high degree of automation and the excellent cooperation with the ENERTRAG team. It works quickly, at a high technical level and they always respond to our wishes and concerns. In addition, the power system also provides us with the same service for our PV systems. This allows us to add another component to our long-standing partnership."

Dr. Frank Dumeier

Chairman of the Executive Board of WEB Windenergie AG

Certified quality

The ENERTRAG Powersystem software stands for reliable quality and data security and is suitable for the operation of critical infrastructures in accordance with KritisV. 

Accreditation in various test procedures according to DIN EN ISO 17020

ENERTRAG Powersystem is a type C inspection body accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 for the scope specified in the certificate with the number D-IS-18273-01-00. Status: July 2022

Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

With this certification, ENERTRAG SE proves that all requirements of the corresponding standard (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) are fulfilled, that the company works in a process-oriented manner and has established risk-based thinking.

Quality management according to ISO/IEC 27001

With this certification, ENERTRAG SE demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement, development, and protection of information assets/sensitive data by implementing appropriate risk assessments, appropriate policies and controls.



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ENERTRAG utilises electricity from wind and solar power as well as green hydrogen to create modern renewable power plants that supply people and regions.

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