From the project idea to repowering

ENERTRAG is a reliable partner for the development of innovative energy projects. 

ENERTRAG has been working on solutions for the energy transition for 25 years and combines all the expertise required for the planning, construction and successful operation of wind energy and photovoltaic systems. As an experienced project planner, operator and technical system optimiser, ENERTRAG offers knowledge and experience along the value chain of wind energy, PV and green hydrogen projects.    

ENERTRAG supports citizens, municipalities and project developers as a partner, dovetails wind power and photovoltaics with green hydrogen and innovative technologies and makes them reliably and cost-effectively usable as electricity, gas and heat for mobility, industry and private households.  


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Project Development

The development of an energy project is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise and good, constructive cooperation. From the initial idea to the actual generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, ENERTRAG works with foresight, understanding and responsibility to ensure targeted development and successful implementation. 


Repowering is already an important building block for the further expansion of wind energy. Repowering involves replacing older and smaller turbines with modern and more powerful wind turbines. This creates additional and renewed added value at the site and improves energy yield.  

ENERTRAG carries out a free potential analysis for existing wind projects, examines the existing site with regard to its current eligibility for planning permission, construction height restrictions and designation as a priority area and assesses the economic potential. Depending on requirements and possibilities, ENERTRAG finds the best way to successfully realise repowering projects. 



The acceptance of energy projects by local authorities, landowners, citizens and politicians is a decisive success factor for the implementation of the energy transition on site. ENERTRAG enters into dialogue with all stakeholders as early as possible in order to initiate joint planning, implement sensible compensatory measures on site and enable people to participate in the energy plants in their community. 

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Selected projects

ENERTRAG realizes projects that set the international course for a fossil-free energy supply and transforms visionary ideas into viable, economical solutions with flagship projects. 

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ENERTRAG Verbundkraftwerke can completely replace conventional power plants. They supply people and regions with clean energy. Safely, predictably and on demand.