One energy ahead

ENERTRAG provides all services related to renewable energy. We efficiently bring together electricity, heat and mobility for all areas of life. As an energy producer with an annual production of 1,38 million MWh, 788 constructed turbines and a “PowerSystem” service network of over 1222 wind turbines, we know from personal experience what is important for our customers. With more than two decades of experience in Europe, our 780 employees combine all the skills required for the successful operation and efficient maintenance, as well as community-oriented planning and reliable construction of wind turbines, grids, and even complete integrated power plants. We are always one energy ahead - whether in sector coupling, local stakeholder investment models or need-based night-beaconing.

ENERTRAG is security with energy

Everything is nothing without energy. Our great-grandparents had to work up to 20 hours for one kilowatt hour energy – today we only need approximately 1 minute. This is the source of our prosperity. In the past hundred years, nearly everything that is combustible in the thin layer of the earth crust and atmosphere was used up: coal, oil, gas, wood and all types of biomass.

Our house is burning.

By now, not only some scientists but all of us are aware that this cannot continue. However, the question of the appropriate solution gives rise to bitter debates: hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal power, wind on land or at sea, nuclear power, nuclear fusion or even more biomass or a mixture of everything, called energy mix?
We are on the independent side of physics here. We know that a secure, sustainable and inexpensive energy supply is only possible through wind power, photovoltaics and hydrogen. All other solutions are either too expensive, not sustainable, too uncertain or simply not sufficiently available. We are putting this knowledge into practice.

Since the commissioning of our first wind turbine, our goal has been and is secure and sustainable energy generation. For this purpose, we establish our own networks without burdening the supply networks and ensure uniform plant control of all our plants. Furthermore, we store energy in the most durable and simplest of all energy sources: hydrogen, and strive to supply all energy sectors in a balanced manner, from electricity to fuel through to heat. And therefore we are active wherever it is necessary to make wind power compatible and to gain sufficient support for making it the basis of our energy system.
Thus we plan projects profoundly and in long-term coordination with all the relevant stakeholders. We build as much as necessary, but large plants. We ensure the shutting off of unnecessary light signals, only lay underground cables, take care to ensure the largest possible distances between man and machine and plan our activity in such a manner, that no species is endangered and nature is preserved.


  • We are helpful.
  • We are respectful and objective.
  • We have common goals.


  • We are the energy transition.
  • We are convinced in what we do.
  • We are self-driven and persevering.

One energy ahead

  • We have a clear vision.
  • We are innovative and willing to change.
  • We find the best solution.