ENERTRAG Prenzlau hybrid power plant

The ENERTRAG Prenzlau hybrid power plant: The first of its kind worldwide

In 2011, ENERTRAG commissioned the world’s first hydrogen hybrid power plant of its kind in Prenzlau. It generates green hydrogen via electrolysis from wind power – in other words, minus any carbon emissions. Green hydrogen is used for heating, industrial processes and to refuel cars and buses.

The ENERTRAG hybrid power plant in Prenzlau consists of three wind turbines and two CHP plants that can be operated with biogas as well as a biogas-hydrogen mixture. In strong winds, hydrogen is made from wind power and stored. If required, the hydrogen is converted into electricity again. By storing the energy in form of hydrogen, energy can still be provided even if there’s no wind.

The ENERTRAG hybrid power plant in Prenzlau is also part of ENERTRAG’s Uckermark integrated power plant.