ENERTRAG Operation further expands business in France

Neuville/Amiens, March 7, 2022 - ENERTRAG Operation is positive about last year’s efforts with regard to the defined growth and expansion strategy towards the French market. In 2021, ENERTRAG Operation opened a remote monitoring center in Amiens, France, north of Paris, to supervise French wind farms. Previously, the French parks were supervised from Germany. The new structure offers numerous advantages, including shorter travel times for technicians and a more fluid and transparent information chain in the domestic language.

Local remote monitoring center in Amiens allows more specific on-site support for wind farms

"With our inspection teams located in France, we can respond more quickly to customer requirements and find the appropriate solutions," explains Michael Dahm, Managing Director of ENERTRAG Operation.

Regionally well placed in the Haut-de-France region, where ENERTRAG Operation supervises most of their wind parks, the new remote monitoring center enables the technicians to check the status of the respective machines any time from remote. All machines are equipped with the Powersystem® operations management software which was developed by ENERTRAG itself and allows the supervisors to track live plant parameters. The teams on-site are also able to take care of the inspection of the wind turbines and make sure all maintenance intervals are kept. In total, around 200 wind turbines are currently monitored from the remote monitoring center in Amiens.

Long term experience for the best possible quality

With their long term experience in this field, our 12 qualified technicians and operators put all their expertise together to serve our customers with the best possible results.

They are able to monitor all turbines in real time and are the direct contacts for manufacturers and customers during maintenance actions. In 2021, the French colleagues carried out around 460 inspections - almost half of them using drone technology.

Another important fact that underlines the high quality of our services: ENERTRAG Operation is ISO 9001 certified. All services carried out by ENERTRAG Operation are carried out in strict compliance with the latest directives and regulations.

ENERTRAG Operation expands its competences in renewable energies - also in France

ENERTRAG Operation continues to focus on growth in the French market: the operations management team in France now comprises 12 employees. The team has the capacity for both existing and new customers. In the midterm, photovoltaic and hydrogen services will be part of the energy service provider's portfolio.

You would like to learn more about our activities in France or receive an offer for the supervision or inspections for your wind farm in France?

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About ENERTRAG Operation

ENERTRAG Operation is a subsidiary of ENERTRAG and bundles the technical competence in the operation phase of renewable energy projects under its roof. The company currently manages 1,139 energy plants. More than 100 employees at six locations ensure safe and profitable plant operation. The portfolio includes operational management as well as inspections.