The ENERTRAG Powersystem inspection app  

Efficient, clear and connected to the back end: the Powersystem inspection app digitises inspections and walk-throughs, saving up to 80 percent of working time. 



Report templates and assignments 
Report templates can be flexibly compiled using the app and assigned to the various inspectors. All parameters are determined before an inspection and stored in the template: Inspector, inspection type, system, etc. This allows inspectors to access the right report template for every type of system. Again and again. 

If required, the app's navigation function guides the service personnel directly to the respective location of the plant. 

Simultaneous use of one report 
When the field team opens the app, they are ready to go. They can see which inspections are due, perform them directly on their own device and document them - even offline. During the inspection, several inspectors can work on the same report in parallel. Data is synchronised in the background. This saves time. 

Step by step. The app guides inspectors step-by-step through each report item - clearly organised and structured. If there is a discrepancy, they can immediately add photos and notes to the log. This is much more efficient and less error-prone than maintaining and transferring logs manually. 

Automatic dispatch and error management 
Immediately after the field work is completed, the report is automatically sent to the control centre. The logged errors appear in the error management system of the Powersystem software, where they are rated according to urgency and updated by the control centre staff with recommendations for action. This means that all those responsible are immediately aware of urgent issues and can act more quickly. Errors can be rectified before they cause serious damage and high costs. 

The final report is generated from the app and sent to the client at the click of a button. The client receives all relevant information in a concise, timely and cost-effective manner. 

The ENERTRAG inspection app in action: see inspectors at work

4 good reasons for the inspection app 

  • Time-saving
  • User-friendly
  • High quality
  • Great track record

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