Operational management with the ENERTRAG Powersystem

Operational managers often have to manage a difficult balancing act: constantly increasing output and reducing costs at the same time. Powersystem makes this very easy. The professional software automates routine tasks and is constantly being developed further.  


Seven good reasons in favour of the Powersystem  

  • Monthly releases: The Powersystem gets better every month.  
  • Clever filters: for example, display of all events that require intervention.
  • More time: Recurring, time-consuming tasks are automated.
  • Anomaly detector: The software detects problems that the system itself has not reported. Quickly and automatically.
  • HSE: The power system monitors health, safety and environment (HSE) data.
  • Mixed portfolios: Control many different energy systems with one software.  
  • Flexible reports: Easily fulfil the requirements of investors, insurers and operators with clear monthly, quarterly or annual reports. 


  • Master data
  • Mixed portfolios
  • Key figures and analyses
  • Notifications
  • Appointments
  • Presence management
  • Documents
  • Components
  • Defects
  • Regulatory requirements  
  • Flexible reports
  • Contacts 



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