Portfolio analysis with the ENERTRAG Powersystem 

The portfolio monitoring of the ENERTRAG Powersystem simplifies the overview of renewable energy assets, whether generation types, plant types, locations, operators or data formats. The ENERTRAG software manages heterogeneous portfolios clearly. This makes it possible to react to potential problems early on. 


5 good reasons for ENERTRAG’s portfolio monitoring option  

  • Uncomplicated:  live asset data from various operational managers is received in a standardised format and can be saved easily in the data base 
  • Configurable: Dashboards can be set up according to individual requirements. 
  • Comparisons: How do my key figures compare with the Powersystem index*? 
  • „Guard dogs“: The system spots any problems that the generating facilities themselves don’t and sends out warnings e.g. if the German BImSchG (Emissions Act) is not being complied with. 
  • Data quality: Robust algorithms and reliable overviews require good data quality - the ENERTRAG data stream control centre takes care of data gaps. 


At a glance 

  • Live data transmission 
  • Dashboard 
  • API data interfaces to third-party systems 
  • PY index 
  • Data stream control centre that plugs any data gaps 
  • Compliance monitoring 
  • Automatic notifications 
  • Performance analyses 

* The Powersystem index is an internal directory that stores the data from all generating facilities previously connected to Powersystem. 



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