Remote control with the ENERTRAG Powersystem

Direct marketers can try out the Powersystem software in the Powertrade virtual power plant.

Actual feed-in
The ENERTRAG Powertrade virtual power plant makes it easy to call up the actual feed-in of energy systems and control them remotely. Schedules can be defined in advance.

Schedule compliance
The protective filters are a special feature of Powertrade: some older systems do not tolerate being switched on and off quickly. Or they cannot be regulated in stages. ENERTRAG recognises these exceptional cases and translates the direct marketer's schedule for the systems in such a way that they are operated gently while still adhering to the schedule.

Availability forecast
The Powertrade power plant transmits the unavailabilities as a clear time series called availability forecast. Suppliers receive them via the standardised BWE interface or other automated systems. Manual input is also supported.

ENERTRAG's virtual power plant is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 (information security) and is therefore suitable for the operation of a critical infrastructure in accordance with KritisV. 


Six good reasons for remote control with the Powersystem 

  • Experienced: Already in use for wind and solar systems of various types for 10 years.
  • Secure: Certified in accordance with ISO 27001 (information security).
  • 24/7: The night and weekend standby service is available around the clock.  
  • Integrated: Integration into existing IT landscapes is possible via API interfaces.
  • Focussed: The three most important functions for direct marketers are actual performance, remote control and unavailability.
  • Agile: Whether a large or small portfolio - with ENERTRAG, everyone is ready to go by the deadline.   



  • Timetable management
  • Actual performance feedback  
  • Availability forecast
  • Protection filter  
  • KritisV compliant
  • Data stream control centre  
  • Data quality 



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