On-site acceptance

Implementing the energy transition together locally 

From an idea to a wind or solar farm 

The acceptance of ENERTRAG projects on site by municipalities, landowners, citizens and politicians has been a significant part of the company's activities since it was founded. ENERTRAG opens the dialogue with municipalities as early as possible in order to initiate joint planning, implement sensible compensatory measures on site and enable citizens to participate in wind turbines in their municipality. 

Currently, 12,500 people are enabling ENERTRAG to further advance the energy transition through wind energy projects through their financial commitment. 

With corporate responsibility and a focus on what has been conceived, learned and implemented over the past 25 years, ENERTRAG is continuing on this path step by step together with the local communities. 

Regional Value Creation   

Renewable energies are mainly domestic energy sources that contribute to regional value creation and secure employment in rural regions. The creation of new jobs not only prevents an outflow of purchasing power, but also the additional revenue from trade tax and the strengthening of agricultural businesses are important regional economic impulses. 

In particular, the production of green hydrogen from wind and solar energy can become a job engine. With the ENERTRAG Uckermark Verbundkraftwerk, ENERTRAG has implemented an innovative, unique project that makes a significant contribution to energy supply and system stability. This highly efficient power plant technology offers an important perspective for sustainable value creation and jobs in the region. 

In addition to investments in technology, infrastructure and company buildings, ENERTRAG is committed to improving the quality of life locally and creating a better quality of life in rural areas. ENERTRAG has been consistently pursuing this approach since its foundation, especially in the Uckermark: For the construction of wind turbines, the company relies on local service providers as far as possible and makes an important contribution to the financing of municipal tasks with trade tax payments. 

In addition, ENERTRAG supports various initiatives and institutions from the region, such as daycare centres and sports clubs. 

Compensatory measures  

Every construction project can change the landscape. Against this background, many compensatory measures are taken during the construction of wind turbines to compensate for the intervention in the environment. Here, ENERTRAG goes beyond the legal requirements wherever possible and implements further measures by planting additional trees, renovating dilapidated buildings or unsealing areas that have already been lost. 



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