Project development

A single source for al wind and solar power development expertise 

From an idea to a wind or solar park  

ENERTRAG's first wind turbine was connected to the grid in 1992. Today, with more than 1,500 wind turbines worldwide, the company ensures that clean electricity is generated reliably and sustainably.  

Then as now, the development of a renewable energy project is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise and good, constructive cooperation with all parties involved. Having the right people to manage and plan a project ensures a successful outcome. 

From the initial idea to the actual generation of clean electricity from wind or solar energy, ENERTRAG works with foresight, understanding and responsibility on the focused development and successful realisation of each individual project - driven by a commitment to energy transition and the will to restructure energy supply.  

Site review, lease and purchase 

The use of renewable energy increases the value of agricultural and forestry land and spreads the risk through the multiple use of energy and agricultural products. 

But where is the best place to harvest wind or solar energy? And what are the first steps to be taken? ENERTRAG knows the planning regions throughout Germany and Europe and can provide a professional assessment - free of charge and without any obligation. 

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Planning and permits  

A new project always starts with a planning process involving hundreds to thousands of people. ENERTRAG's many years of experience and knowledge of all the details of the permitting process in each country enable the company to handle all official requirements properly and quickly, taking into account local specifics and in consensus with local authorities, residents and landowners. After all, only broad support will secure the path to a clean future. 

ENERTRAG's services range from site selection, plant configuration and permits to machine selection and grid planning. Extensive engineering and operational experience results in optimal land utilisation with high electricity yields at low costs. 

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Implementation and commissioning  

Once certain framework conditions have been met, all permits have been granted and all objections have been resolved, the realisation of a wind energy project can begin.   

ENERTRAG secures the financing, orders the renewable energy components and builds the wind or solar farms. This is how an idea becomes a reality. 

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Additional services  

ENERTRAG Project Development also offers the following services:  

  • Assumption of development risks 
  • Solutions in species, nature and emission protection 
  • Construction of wind and solar plants 
  • Tailor-made project financing and component procurement 
  • Tailor-made cooperation and investment opportunities 
  • Direct marketing and balancing market services 



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