Inspection app

Our inspection app allows you to digitise your inspections and cut your workload by up to 80 percent.

Are you still logging the results of your inspections on paper or in Excel? Then why not pick our inspection app and speed the process up? Let your generating facilities’ data speak.



Main view with protocol list



Structure of a protocol



Processing an actual inspection finding


The app in action with our inspectors at the wind farm. Click here for the background article.


Teamwork thanks to protocol templates and assignments: You can flexibly compile protocol templates in the data base and assign them to various inspectors. Details such as the name of the inspector and generating facility concerned, the type of inspection due and which template is required are established beforehand and stored in the template. As soon inspectors open the app on site, they’re good to go. They can see the inspections still required, conduct and document them on their end device – even offline.

Simultaneous use of one protocol: During the inspection background synchronisation allows both inspectors to work on the protocol at the same time, which saves time.

Reports at the touch of a button and error management: In the past, reports used to be sent to quite some time after the inspection to headquarters and processed there. Now the report, plus any errors, is automatically sent once on-site work has been completed. Any errors found are incorporated into PowerSystem’s error management and assessed for urgency. As a result, customers and colleagues are informed about errors requiring urgent attention at an earlier juncture. Reviewing, processing and rectifying errors is therefore quicker. Because time has been saved, errors can be put right before they cause serious damage and high costs.

Four good reasons for the inspection app

  • It’s user friendly: The app is very easy to use.
  • It’s a time saver: Inspections are faster and reports ready immediately.
  • It’s high quality: The reports can be assessed independently by third parties. 
  • Its track record is good: The app has already carried out thousands of inspections successfully.