About us

The team behind the Powersystem

"We want to make a difference"

We have been developing the power system for over 20 years. That is our part in the climate change. We don't drive this forward in our quiet chamber, but are in exchange: with each other, with the customers, with the market. The question "What can we do better?" is our daily motivation.  Every month, we create a new version - as software developers, we can't help but be agile!


7 GW connected


more than 20 years of experience


50 Powersystem employees

Dr. Stefan Kuntsche, Software developer:

"A meaningful goal"
"I like working in Team Powersystem because I can contribute to many topics here and support a meaningful goal in the process. I'm excited that with a relatively small team we are already developing things that will only be imitated by large companies much later. In my day-to-day work, what I appreciate most is the pleasant interaction with each other here in the team."

Dr. Felix Bübl, Head of Software Development:

"Our customers make us better"
"Our customers tell us where the shoe pinches them and come up with good ideas. We then tackle the ideas that are most important to them. Understanding and clarifying the 1001 good ideas is a lot of fun for me!"

Ulrike Ließ, Key account manager


"Hand in Hand"
It's fun to work for a cause that will have a major impact on our future, because climate change concerns us all. The more we fight for the success of renewables, the better for us and our children. That's what I want to continue to inspire our customers and our future customers. Together with them, we strive for long-term partnerships and projects. That is one of our success factors. I am very pleased to be part of it.