Flexi-type power control

User-friendly, secure and certified power control for flexi-type power plants and feed-in management of German EEG generating facilities.

Monitor your own flexi-type power plant: As an operator or operational manager, you can use ENERTRAG’s power plant controller to control your transformer station’s power easily.


Flexi-type power control using Powersystem

Power plant controllers with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 certification are required to control the power in flexi-type power plants and ensure feed-in management of German EEG generating facilities.

ENERTRAG’s power plant controller allows plant operators, direct marketers and grid operators to control the active and reactive power of flexi-type power plants in transformer stations or substations in a flexible, user-friendly and secure way – regardless of who the manufacturer is. It can also be used to control of integrated wind parks, PV power stations or biogas plants. The power plant controller meets the requirements of grid operators and legislators. Component certification shows that the electricity from German EEG generating facilities is fed into the grid properly at the grid connection point and helps make the grid more stable.

Get ready for Redispatch 2.0: A telecontrol system is added to each feed-in point for Redispatch 2.0. Transformer station operators can use the power plant controller to connect their systems to the telecontrol system and control them.

Features and advantages

  • Hardware and software components
  • An easy-to-navigate software user interface = provides ease of use and a good user experience
  • Control of power and control status of all generating facilities’ feed-in at any time, regardless of manufacturer
  • Automatic inspection and control of the setpoints achieved
  • If required: precision control of grid operator specifications (0%, 30%, 60% or 100%)
  • Exact control possible at any time
  • Effective transmission of the available and fed-in power as well as control of the reactive power at the grid connection point
  • Various interface connections possible
  • Data provided via an external interface
  • Remote control capability