Remote control capability

Direct marketers can try out our Powersystem software via our virtual Powertrade power plant.

Let your data speak. 


Actual feed-in and remote control: As a direct marketer, you need robust data fast. Since the introduction of the German management bonus ordinance in 2012, our virtual Powertrade power plant allows you to retrieve the actual feed-in easily and control the generating facilities remotely. What’s more, you can establish your schedules in advance.

Schedule compliance: Protective filters are a special feature of Powertrade: Some older generating facilities don’t tolerate being switched on and off quickly, or they can’t be controlled in stages. We’re aware of these problems and adapt the direct marketer’s schedule accordingly but so that the schedule is still adhered too.

Availability forecast: Powertrade sends you a transparent availability forecast to notify you of any periods where availability is lacking. Suppliers receive these forecasts via the standardised BWE (Bund für Windenergie) interface or other automatic solutions. Manual entry is also supported.

Certification: Our virtual power plant does of course have ISO 27001 certification (for information security) and is therefore suitable for operating critical infrastructure pursuant to KritisV.

Six good reasons for remote control via Powersystem

  • A good track record: Used for various types of wind farms and solar parks for ten years now.
  • Secure: Comes with ISO 27001 certification (information security).
  • Service 24/7: Our night-time and weekend standby crews don’t have to come out very often, but are on call if you need them.  
  • Integrated: Powertrade/PowerSystem can be integrated into existing IT landscapes via API interfaces.
  • Focused: The three key functions for you as a direct marketer: Actual power, remote control and information about lack of availability.
  • Agile: Whether your portfolio’s big or small – we ensure you’re ready to go by the deadline.  

Services provided

  • Schedule management
  • Actual power feedback
  • Availability forecast
  • Protective filter
  • Compliant with the Kritis ordinance
  • Data stream control centre
  • Data quality