Technical operations management

Powersystem is professional software that helps successfully and profitably run your generating facilities covered by the German EEG Act.

To operational managers this means more power in less time.

Try out Powersystem with no obligation and let data from your generating facilities speak.

Operational managers have to walk a tightrope of providing increasingly more power and cutting costs at the same time. In this case, professional software, which is constantly being enhanced and automates routine tasks, is an enormous benefit.

Seven good reasons for using PowerSystem for technical operations management

  • Monthly releases: Powersystem gets better every month. We show you how in our releases.
  • Filtering function: You can set the filter to different criteria so that you only see incidents requiring your intervention. 
  • Time savings: The software performs monotonous, time-consuming tasks for you.
  • Anomalies found: The software quickly and automatically detects problems that the generating facility itself hasn’t reported. It frees up your time for more important tasks.
  • HSE: PowerSystem also monitors health, safety and environmental aspects.
  • Controls mixed portfolios: You don’t need several technical operations management products if you have a mix of generating facilities. Powersystem lets you control both wind farms and solar parks from one single source.
  • Flexible reports: With clear monthly, quarterly, or annual reports on your generating facilities, you can easily meet the demands of investors, insurers and operators.

Services provided

  • Monitoring of wind farms and solar parks
  • Key figures and analyses
  • Master data
  • Contacts
  • Notifications
  • Deadlines
  • People tracking
  • Documents
  • Components
  • Errors
  • Regulations from local authorities
  • Flexible reports